Complimentary Skin Analysis with BT-analyze Skin Identification

Using a sophisticated skin membrane sensor, the BT-analyze calculates the exact bio marker moisture content levels of the skin. Readings are accurate and helps determine the condition of your skin.

Customized Corrective Facial $75

Designed for your exact skin type. You will experience deep pore cleansing with exfoliation. Extraction follows. A stress release massage of the face, neck and shoulders. A therapeutic mask is then applied to correct any specific problem you may be experiencing.


The Gentleman's Skin Care Treatment $75

Customized treatment designed to ease dryness & irritation caused by daily shaving. Includes deep cleansing,  exfoliation and a relaxing massage of the upper shoulders & neck.


Grooming for Men $25

Grooming of the eyebrows, nose and ears.

Facial for a Beautiful Back $70

The one spot on our body that is consistently neglected. We offer essential maintenance for a smooth clear back. We begin by cleansing and exfoliating, then extractions. A nourishing, hydrating mask is applied on the whole back. Warm oil is then massaged to relieve tension of the back, shoulder and neck. (A full pampering experience. A massage of the arms, hands and feet are also included.)

Skin Tag and Mole removal $15 - $25

Skin tags are very common and are not cancerous. This procedure is very simple and safe. Instant removal with no scarring.

Bioelement Peel $75

A peel to refresh new skin cells. Texture is smoothed. Pigment is lifted and wrinkles are improved. Based on your skin challenge your therapist will advise the best peel for you.

Head to Toe Facial $100

A royal treatment with the ultimate pampering. A corrective facial that includes a peel, extractions and a corrective mask. Massaging of the arms, hands, neck, shoulders, feet, and finished with a scalp massage.

5 Layer Firming Facial $125

— Our Signature Facial —

A firming/hydrating facial that is soothing and hydrating to your face and neck. 5 layers of serums and creams are applied with a soothing massage of the face, neck and shoulders. Finished with a cooling seaweed mask to help detox and hydrate your skin. A wonderful treatment for a dry and tired face. A series of five are recommended once a week for best firming results.

Biolight Facial $130

This signature professional treatment helps brighten and diminish the appearance of hyper-pigmentation due to the sun, acne scars and hormonal changes while enriching the skin with its added anti-aging benefits. With marine and botanical actives to uncover a radiant more luminous complexion.

Adult and Teen Acne Facial $65

Very beneficial to acne prone skin. Includes a cleansing massage followed by an exfoliating treatment and extraction. A therapeutic medicated mask will be applied as well as a hydrating calming serum to soothe your face. High frequency light is then used to promote healing and kill bacteria. We help educate teens about acne and how to care for their skin at home.

Kids Facial $35

Sure our kids can start having facials too. This facial will include a gentle cleansing of the face and a hand massage. Organic hydrating moisturizers and masks are used to soften their beautiful delicate skin. (Great idea for your girls birthday party.)

Mini Facial $60

A super exfoliating facial that removes dulling surface cells, giving your skin a fresh, revitalized appearance. A quick fix.

Lash Tint $15

Brow Tint $10


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